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Introducing Katt Claws Polish! Who the heck wouldn’t want sparkly kitty katt claws? These will be for sale on my ETSY shop this weekend! I’ll try to have them all swatched before they hit the shop of course. So make sure to bookmark my shop, and check out my TWITTER for updates of when they’ll be hitting the store. For those following my twitter, also be on the look-out for a coupon code for 10% off your order! YAY!

I’ll list the polish names in order, but I’ll go more in-depth when I do the swatches :) ENJOY LADIES!

1. Community Pool
2. Nightosphere
3. Princess Bubblegum (PB)
5. Candy Kingdom
6. Bath Salts (are dangerous)
7. Ice Kingdom 

The polishes on the far left and right are not yet named! BE EXCITED! You may get a chance to choose a name and win some polish! 

Swatches of Ooh La Lacquer! 

  1. Mattes in Paris over Butter London - Pillar Box Red
  2. HollaMATTE Girl over Butter London - Wallis
  3. Matte-lifornia Love over Butter London - Blagger
  4. I’m a Matte 4 U over Essie - Nice is Nice
  5. Hypnotize over Essie - Licorice, China Glaze - Recycle, and Milani - White

God only knows how much I love this polish! JAM PACKED with glitter, so easy to get full coverage with just one coat, and near opacity with two coats. I love, love, love the base colors I chose, I feel they compliment each franken so well! PLUS right now Nastassia is having a $5 SALE!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT! You already know what to do…. http://www.etsy.com/shop/OohLaLacquer

Have you guys checked out my wonderful best frenemy’s nail polish line yet? Seriously, the more she makes, the more I want to rob her silly. Here I’m wearing only TWO coats of Pink Wednesday from her Mean Girls line, over two coats of Essie-Midnight. I clearly can’t be in love with pink anymore, and the dark midnight blue brings it out like no one would believe! …But being insanely flip-floppy, I used my peel-off base coat underneath so I could try different base colors. THE BEST INVENTION EVER. Please everyone, stop fearing the glitter life. It’s fate.

These are my all time favorite franken/indie/glitter polishes I own to date. No joke. My most wonderful and amazing friend @NastassiasNails created this new line of polish, Ooh La Lacquer. Available to purchase here

Based off of the movie, Mean Girls, I knew this polish and I were destined to be together. ;) I’m currently wearing Beware of the Plastics, which is yellow, blue, turquoise and pink glitters. Please just GUESS how many coats I’m wearing…GUESS!…Two. I am wearing only two coats! *swoons*

I am way too excited to try the next, but I’m going to leave this glitter on till at least tomorrow night. Ignore the nice gap around my cuticles, I’m trying out the new peel off base polish so we’ll see how it works out tomorrow. Yay! xo