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Introducing Katt Claws Polish! Who the heck wouldn’t want sparkly kitty katt claws? These will be for sale on my ETSY shop this weekend! I’ll try to have them all swatched before they hit the shop of course. So make sure to bookmark my shop, and check out my TWITTER for updates of when they’ll be hitting the store. For those following my twitter, also be on the look-out for a coupon code for 10% off your order! YAY!

I’ll list the polish names in order, but I’ll go more in-depth when I do the swatches :) ENJOY LADIES!

1. Community Pool
2. Nightosphere
3. Princess Bubblegum (PB)
5. Candy Kingdom
6. Bath Salts (are dangerous)
7. Ice Kingdom 

The polishes on the far left and right are not yet named! BE EXCITED! You may get a chance to choose a name and win some polish! 


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