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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Where do you live, and can I make an appointment? 

A: I live in Atlanta, GA. I can do house calls, or make an appearance at a party for a side activity! To make an appointment, please email kattclaws@gmail.com

Q: Are you a licensed nail technician?

A: I most certainly am! Licensed in Florida in January of this year (2012), I can answer any question you have from textbook knowledge, and personal experience.

Q: My nails are so weak & brittle! What can I do?

A: Weak and brittle nails can happen from numerous things. From things you can’t change, like genetics, to simple things like using too much acetone and misuse of implements! If you want healthy and beautiful nails, keep your hands and nails hydrated! Use lotion that doesn’t have sulfates -they can dry out your nails and have opposite effects! Make sure to be gentle on your nails, don’t buff too much, don’t use cuticle nippers, and never drill on your natural nail unless you know what you’re doing! I don’t suggest using nail hardeners/strengtheners because if you have genetically weak nails, you’re just making them more brittle and more likely to shatter like glass. :( Email me if you have more questions!

Q: Where do you find your inspiration?

A: A lot of my inspiration comes from the nail world! So many nail artists out there see things every day that inspire them, and I do the same. Personally, right now I’m in love with bows, hello kitty, and longboarding related things.

Q: How do you clean up your cuticles?

A: I use a small flat paint brush, and acetone. 

Q: Can I do nail art with gel nail polish?

A: You most certainly can! Just make sure to let it dry before you add your UV Gel top coat, and don’t make the under layer too thick or else it won’t cure properly under the light.

Q: What is your favorite top coat?

A: I have always, and WILL always stand by Seche Vite. Forever. Every top coat has their own draw backs, and Seche Vite’s really isn’t enough to keep me away. Yes, halfway through the bottle, it gets a little thick and goopy, but that can be fixed. I haven’t found another that truly dries as quick and as shiny!

Q: What is your favorite base coat?

A: Always CND Stickey! I was introduced to it in school, CND was our main product, and I’m so happy it was! Their products have changed my life :)

Q: Where do you get your nail polish?

A: All of my nail polish typically comes from wholesalers, like CosmoProf. They only sell to licensed technicians, and I happen to enjoy that fact! Occasionally I’ll stop at Sally’s Beauty Supply if I need something they don’t have.

Q: How can I keep my nails hydrated? 

A: I typically always have a small bottle of CND Scentsations on me! Hmm, this month I have Mango & Coconut :)

Have a question you didn’t see here? Send an email to kattclaws@gmail.com or try out my Ask box, and your question might get featured here!